Master the key skills with better drills!

The Wrestling Drill Book

100 technical and tactical drills

by Bill Welker

Foreword by Bobby Douglas

2005 - Paperback -  256 pages

$17.95  ($23.95 Canada)














"To reach your greatest potential as a wrestler, you must be willing to work hard in the off-season. The Wrestling Drill Book offers some great training activities to help you do this."   
Cael Sanderson, 2004 Olympic Champion

"Accessing the best knowledge in the sport often requires bringing great wrestling clinicians to your doorstep. The Wrestling Drill Book offers a practical and successful approach to accomplishing this goal." 
Bruce Baumgartner, 2-time Olympic Gold Medalist

The true value of The Wrestling Drill Book  edited by Bill Welker for the wrestler and coach speaks for itself when you realize over 10.000 books have already  been purchased. Wrestling USA Magazine understands the value of Welker's book to aid and assist the wrestling coach and wrestler to build championship programs and has run several excerpts in WUSA to get out to the wrestling world this valuable information found in Welker's  book.
Lanny Bryant
Wrestling USA Magazine


A wrestler's ability to execute his moves quickly and instinctively is often the difference between winning and losing a match. Drills are the most effective practices activities to use to ingrain the instinctive actions and reactions essential for wrestling success.

The Wrestling drill Book features match-tested drills, carefully chosen by coaches who are experts in the specific techniques and tactics they cover.  Each drill is described in detail with illustrations, modifications, and coaching points for maximum effectiveness.



. Beginning with essential movement drills and progressing to takedowns, escapes, reversals, rides, and pinning combinations, the book addresses each fundamental that wrestlers must hone in order to become champions. A customizable practice plan demonstrates how drills can be combined and sequenced for the ultimate wrestling workout.

Make practice time productive time. The Wrestling Drill Book is an essential manual for success on the mat.



Chapter 1. Essential Movement Drills
Chapter 2. Takedown Drills
Chapter 3. Escape and Reversal Drills
Chapter 4. Riding to Pinning Combination Drills
Chapter 5. Advanced Pinning Combination Drills
Chapter 6. Conditioning Drills
Chapter 7. Effective Practices and Off-Season Activities

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