Rob Malsom's Lower D10 Report

December 20 and 21

    Jamestown (N.Y.) Tournament - Lakeview, Hickory, Grove City and Sharpsville competed in the 36-team tourney. Spencerport ran away with the team total with 274 points and Southwest was second with 192. The Hickory Hornets (188.50) and the Lakeview Sailors (173) placed third and fourth, respectively. The Grove City Eagles placed 12th, while the Sharpsville Blue Devils finished 26th.
    Ryan DeArment (275 - Hickory), Tim Gadsby (119 - Lakeview) and Wade Alexander (140 - Lakeview) came away with titles.
    Carmen Russo (145) of Hickory lost to a 2-time New York state champ in the finals, Mark DeArment (160) of Hickory and John Fleming (112) of Lakeview finished as runners-up.
    Here are other local place winners by weight class: 96 - Brad Tabis (Hickory), 4th and winner of an academic award; 103 - Tim Findley (Sharpsville), 7th; 112 - Justin Gregg (Hickory), 7th; 119 - Alec Miller (Grove City), 4th; 125 - Cody Smith (Lakeview), 5th; 130 - Chad Smith (Lakeview), 5th; 135 - Nick Clepper (Hickory), 4th, Jon Hogue (Lakeview), 6th; 140 - D.J. Kellar (Hickory), 6th; 145 - Nick Hunt (Sharpsville), 5th; 152 - Tyler Allen (Hickory), 5th, Danny Wise (Sharpsville), 6th; 160 - Tyler Shearer (Lakeview), 3rd, Ryan Alger (Grove City), 4th; 171 - Levio Baldarelli (Hickory), 6th; 189 - Shane Buchanan (Sharpsville), 8th; 215 - Scott Bylerly (Hickory), 7th; 275 - Terry Shearer (Lakeview), 3rd, Kent Uber (Grove City), 8th.
    Bayshore (N.Y.) Tournament - Coach Kevin Drew's Commodore Perry Panther wrestling squad made the long trip to Long Island, N.Y., to compete against 11 New York City-area teams.
    Team points were not kept, but the Panthers had three champions. They were Clint Stout (145), Jeff Rice (189) and Justin Dodson (215). Runners-up included Jesse Powell (103), Ben Loutzenhiser (125) and Hayden Hawthorne (135). Chris Moerke (152), Gary Arbuckle (160) and Brian Cline (275) placed third in their respective weight classes.
    Coach Drew said, "It was a real good experience. The style of wrestling is quite a bit different from what we are used to. Everybody on our team placed. After the first round, we went 14-for-14 to get everybody into the place rounds. If you lost in the first round, you automatically dropped down to the fifth and sixth place rounds. Our goal was to go there and see some different wrestling and also have some fun. We went into the city and did the "tourist thing."

December 20

    Several teams from Mercer County are competing in the 36-team Jamestown (N.Y.) Holiday Wrestling Tournament and quite a few wrestlers did well in their opening night rounds.
    The Hickory Hornets and Lakeview Sailors stood in fourth and fifth places, with 64.5 and 58.5 points respectively. Hickory has five wrestlers still alive while Lakeview has four in the championships quarterfinals.
    Hickory coach Carl Wombacker said, "We wrestled real well. With the exception of Smethport, which I think is ranked fourth in the country, the other teams in front of us are close."
    The Smethport Hubbers put 13 wrestlers into the quarterfinals and had 94 points for a wide margin in the lead.
    The Grove City Eagles are in 17th place, while the Sharpsville Blue Devils are 30th.
    Following is a list of locals in the championship quarterfinals:
97 - Brad Tabis (Hickory), 103 - Cody Dixon (Lakeview), Brandon Jones (Grove City), 112 - Paul Johnson (Grove City), John Fleming (Lakeview), 119 - Tim Gadsby (Lakeview), Alec Miller (Grove City), 125 - Cody Smith (Lakeview), 130 - Chad Smith (Lakeview), 135 - Nick Clepper (Hickory), 140 - D.J. Kellar (Hickory), Wade Alexander (Lakeview), 145 - Carmen Russo (Hickory), John Drew (Lakeview), Nick Hunt (Sharpsville), 152 - Danny Wise (Grove City), 160 - Mark DeArment (Hickory), Tyler Shearer (Lakeview), 171 - Levio Baldarelli (Hickory), 189 - Micah Bender (Hickory), 215 - None, 275 - Ryan DeArment (Hickory), Terry Shearer (Lakeview).
December 20 and 21
    The Reynolds Raiders ran away with the championship of the eight-team Lewistown Tournament, compiling 238.5 points.
    Indian Valley came in second place with 173. Other team scores were: Cocalico 142.5, Mount Union 142.5, West Branch 137, Central Cambria 134, Lewistown 128, Shippensburg 71.
    Matt Dunn (103) 3-0, Jake Habel (112) 2-0, Mason Stewart (119) 2-0, Owen Brickell (140) 3-0, Travis Battles (145) 3-0, and Dan Burns (152) 3-0 all won championships for the Raiders of coach Brian Hills.
    Losing in the finals were Jason Brown (125) 2-1, Nick Sommerfeld (189) 2-1 and Mike Hills (275) 2-1.
    "It was a stepping stone for us," said a happy Brian Hills. "We have Manheim next week and that will be a lot tougher. That will show the kids where they are at. But there were some real good kids here too. Michael (Hills) lost in the finals, 4-0, to Nate Morris of Central Cambria, who's ranked No. 1 in the state. He took fifth at state last year."