PFN Creates the First All-Time Pennsylvania Challenge

Have you ever wondered how the great teams in Pennsylvania's rich high school history would make out against each other if they were able to meet on the gridiron?

Would teams like Harrisburg Tech of 1919, Allentown of 1944, or Windber of 1942 be able to compete against the modern day super teams like North Hills of 1987, Upper St. Clair of 1989 or Berwick of 1983?

The guys at PFN using Hal Wilson's stories about great past high school teams in Pennsylvania have devised a computer football game to 'play' such contests to see just how such meetings might come out.

We have selected 16 teams from "Great Team of Pennsylvania Series"  at random. (Other teams will be involved in next year's fun event.)

We have also taken the liberty of modernizing the teams so that common rules will be used. For example, all teams will use the wide-open pro offense - even if they ran the single wing.  We have also taken liberties with positioning players in what might be different positions for them. This is particularly true of the kickers. In early years, the kicking game was often disdained for going for two points on the PAT.

We have tried to gather as many real life stats for each team as possible. This was made largely possible by use of Hal Wilson's articles.  Obviously, using the pro offenses, passing will be more prominent in the outcome.

The games will be played in a single elimination tournament format. The initial 16 teams are paired and the games will commence on October 29, 2005.

Feel free to comment on your favorite teams.. which teams you think might make the finals... and be sure to check out THE expert prognosticator - our own Bill Shortencarrier as he makes his picks.  Send your views or ideas to

This is just one more way our PFN website wants to entertain the true football fans across Pennsylvania.

As we state on the pairings page, feel free to suggest teams for future inclusion BUT please submit detailed rosters and stats and results for such teams.

May the best team win!


Pairings for the 2005 Championships

Any news media who wants to use any of this tournament is more than welcome. It is really quite comprehensive and interesting. (Please do not reprint the original Hal Wilson articles.. use just the current tournament.

Email from Football Fans about this All-Time Tournament. Send in your thoughts and ideas.