District Computer Rankings

(using the PIAA Formula)  Rankings will be updated by Tuesday of each week.

Note: The rankings will be close.. but a caveat.. since I don't have access to all out-of-state opponents results, I cannot track them, thus teams beating out-of-state teams will NOT get those points included UNLESS they report the results to me weekly.

District 1 District 2 District 3 District 4
District 5  District 6   District 7  District 8
District 9 District 10 District 11  District 12
District 13  District 3-5-6 (Regional)  District 14 preps   
District 2-4-11 AAAA Regional District 1-11 AA & A Regional    


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WWW.MAXPREPS.COM  Coaches,  please have someone from your team input your rosters and then each week your team results and individual stats. This year Ohio, Michigan, Maryland, and Virginia have been added.  Every head coach has received a login name and password.  Anyone who misplaced theirs, please contact rich@pafootballnews.com   NOTE. Your players cannot be listed among the National leaders if YOU or your representative do not put the information in weekly.

Tom and Rich are reps for both Pennsylvania and Ohio this season.