Updated Stats for Week Twelve  Duke Helm
This week's notes:  Jordan Gray of Nazareth broke East Stroudsburg's James Mungro's District 11 freshman records for rushing yards and td's scored in a season.  Gray now has 1,380 yards and 20 total td's.  Mungro had 1,233 yards rushing and 17 total td's in 1993.  Gray is also the first freshman in the District to score 5 td's in a game.  Dylan Evans of Pen Argyl broke the 4,000 yard career rushing barrier against Northern Lehigh last week.  Evans now has 4,093 yards rushing and 74 total td's.  Woody Petchel (1968-71) still holds the school records with 4,529 yards and 88 td's.  Evans is tied with Austin Scott for 5th place all-time in the area with 74 career td's.  Colin McDermott of Central Catholic joins the "40 td" club after scoring 3 times against Pottsville.  McDermott (a junior) now has 41 career td's and needs 50 more rushing yards to reach 3,000 yards for his career.  James McCarthy of Liberty finished the year with 21 td's, good enough to tie Darren Mason (sophomore year) for 6th place all-time at the school.  His 1,276 yards rushing this year puts him in 8th place all-time at Liberty.  Andrew Harris of Whitehall finished with 1,489 yards rushing for the season and that puts him in 3rd place all-time at Whitehall behind Nick Kurtz and James Freeman.
Rob Dvoracek of Parkland leads the area in scoring with 27 td's.  Dylan Evans of Pen Argyl is one behind with 26,  Colin McDermott of Central Catholic has 24,  Andrew Harris of Whitehall finished with 22 td's.    
Nazareth's Daniel Harding is now the new leader for passing yards in a season in District 11.  Harding has 3,176 yards, breaking Wilson's Tyler Smith's record of 3,130 yards set in 2009.  Harding now has 48 td passes, breaking Ryan Fry's (1995-98) school record of 47.   Sophomore AJ Long of Pius X leads the area with 37 td passes this year and in the process broke Cole Hildabrant's school record of 35 td passes that he set in 2004.  He also broke his own school record for passing yards in a season with his 2,972 yards this season.  Long threw for 2,852 yards last year.  His 5,824 career yards moves him past Mark Borda of Bethlehem Catholic into tenth place all-time in the area.  Brendan Nosovitch of Central Catholic now has 2,732 yards passing on the season and 8,172 for his career.  He's now District 11's all-time passing leader.  Tyler Smith of Wilson held the old record with 8,035 yards (2006-09).  Nosovitch also leads the District with 92 td passes.  Ty Edmond of Southern Lehigh finished the year with single season school records of 124 completions, 223 attempts, 1,637 yards and 19 td's.  Edmond is also the career school leader with 35 td passes.  He fell ten yards short of the career yardage record of 3,207 yards that Corey Sroka set between 2006-09.  Ian Hayden of Easton needs 123 yards passing to break Justin Pacchioli's single season record of 1,699 yards that he set last year.    
District 11 single season records for Kevin Gulyas of Central Catholic: 99 receptions, 1,557 yards (also has 19 td catches).  Dan Cason of East Stroudsburg South holds the record with 20 td catches set in 2009.  District 11 career records: 224 catches, 3,727 yards, 46 td catches.  Gulyas also broke Seton-LaSalle's Carmen Connolly's seven year State record of 221 career catches.  Adam Bridgeforth of Nazareth caught his 8th td catch against Parkland to break a 3 way tie of 7 td catches in a season.  Justin Kondikoff (1996) and Dan Wilk (2009) also had 7 td catches in a season.  Chris Garr still holds the school career records with 110 catches for 1,677 yards followed by Kondikoff's 1,532 yards (93 catches).  Bridgeforth has 96 catches putting him in 2nd place at the school.  Dubois Ross of Pius X now has 16 td catches for the season and is tied with Willie Wallace and Quintin Lopez for 2nd place at the school.  Wade Williams holds the school record with his 17 td catches in 2006.
2011 single game highs:
rushing yards: 405 - Trey Robinson (Wilson), 373 - Rob Dvoracek (Parkland), 337 - Josh Wing (Bangor), 327 - Dylan Evans (Pen Argyl), 282 - Aaron Harris (Whitehall), 272 - Jarred Muffley (Tamaqua), 254 - Jacen Nalesnik (Lehighton), 250 - Jordan Gray (Nazareth), 247 - Dylan Quirk (Marian), 245 - Paul Martin (Marian Catholic), 236 - Khaleel Artis (Emmaus), 233 - Jordan Gray (Nazareth), 227 - Jesse Snyder (Palisades), 226 - Kyree Bowles (Notre Dame), 225 - Ty Cunningham (Northwestern), 223 - Travon Pugh (Pocono Mountain West)
Td's: 6 - Rob Dvoracek (Parkland), 6 - Jacen Nalesnik (Lehighton), 5 - Joe Clouse (East Stroudsburg North), Colin McDermott (Central Catholic), Jordan Gray (Nazareth).
passing yards: 415, 323 - 316- Brendan Nosovitch (Cen. Catholic), 406 - AJ Long (Pius X), 391, 389, 378, 335, 319 - Daniel Harding (Nazareth). 
td passes - 4 - Daniel Harding (Nazareth), Pat Duvigneaud (Jim Thorpe), AJ Long (Pius X), Jeff Krisiak (Pocono Mountain West), Brendan Nosovitch (Central Catholic), Brian Uliana (Freedom)
receptions: 15 - Kevin Gulyas (Cen. Catholic), 12 - Adam Bridgeforth (Nazareth), 12 - Jalen Snyder-Scipio (Cen. Catholic), 11 - Kevin Gulyas (Cen. Catholic), 11 - Jacen Nalesnik (Lehighton)
reception yards: 280 - Kevin Gulyas (Cen. Catholic), 191 - Jacen Nalesnik (Lehighton), 184 - Andrew Bridgeforth (Nazareth), 177 - Marquis Harp (ESS) 171 - Kevin Gulyas (Cen. Catholic), 171 - Frank Bucsi (Freedom)
Week 13 Trivia? Who threw for more yards in their senior year? Jim McCarthy of Bethlehem Catholic in 1984 or Jim McCarthy of Liberty in 2011.
Colin McDermott of Central Catholic had 37 carries vs East Stroudsburg North last week.  Who holds the District 11 record for carries in a game?
Answer to week 12 Trivia?  Tosh Riddick of Dieruff had 59 carries for 359 yards vs Liberty in 1997.
Kevin Gulyas has 17 td catches this year.  Who holds the District record for a season? Now 19
Answer to week 11 Trivia?  Dan Cason of East Stroudsburg South had 20 in 2009. 
Jordan Gray of Nazareth rushed for 250 yards vs Whitehall to set a new single game District 11 record for a freshman.
Answer to week 10 Trivia?  Sean Hoffman of Wilson held the record with 199 yards in the season opener vs Palmerton in 2003.  Other top freshman performers were: James Mungro of East Stroudsburg South (189), Jonathan Linton of Catasauqua (186), Bill Stocker of Wilson (186) and Cody Remaley of Northern Lehigh (182).
Kevin Gulyas of Central Catholic is now averaging 8.25 catches and 129.8 yards per game.
Answer to week 9 Trivia? Who holds the area single season records. 
Mike Lelko of Phillipsburg 1995: In 10 games he caught 87 passes (8.7) for 1,353 yards (135.3).
Kevin Gulyas of Cen.Catholic had 280 yards receiving vs Parkland to tie the District 11 record. 
Answer to week #8 Trivia? Who is he tied with and what other player had 279 yards in a game? 
In 2004, Quintin Lopez of Pius X had 280 yards vs Southern Columbia in a 1A State playoff game. 
In 2005, Brad Walter of Wilson had 279 yards vs Northern Lehigh in a District 11 2AA playoff game.
Josh Wing of Bangor rushed for 337 yards against Catasauqua for a new Colonial League record. 
Answer to week #7 Trivia? Who holds the District 11 record for rushing yards in a single game? 
Nick Kurtz of Whitehall had 429 yards against Freedom in 1999.
Here are your top 6 District 11 single game rushing performances. (now 7)
1.  429 - Nick Kurtz (Whitehall) vs Freedom (25 carries, 4 td's) 1999
2.  413 - Zach Barket (Schuylkill Haven) vs North Schuylkill (26 carries, 7 td's) 2008
3.  405 - Trey Robinson (Wilson) vs Notre Dame (22 carries, 5 td's) 2011 (new league record)
4.  402 - Austin Scott (Parkland) vs Freedom (18 carries, 6 td's) 2002
5.  395 - Franklyn Quiteh (Pocono Mountain West) vs Jim Thorpe (33 carries, 4 td's) 2008
6.  389 - Zach Barket (Schuylkill Haven) vs Jim Thorpe (27 carries, 4 td's) 2008
7.  384 - Andre Williams (Parkland) vs Central Catholic (20 carries, 5 td's) 2009
Brendan Nosovitch of Cen. Catholic has 75 career td's passes through week 5 (now has 92).
Answer to week #6 Trivia? Who was he tied with for 2nd place in District 11 and who's in 1st?  Cole Hildabrant of Pius X had 75 td passes (2004-06).  Tyler Smith of Wilson was the District 11 record holder with 87 td passes (2006-09).
The Bridgeforth twins from Nazareth both hold a receiving record at their school.   
Answer to week #5 Trivia? What other brother tandem, each have a school receiving record?
Saucon Valley's Okken brother's.  Keith (2006-09) holds the school record for most yards receiving in a career with 1,246 and brother Jason (2008-10) holds the school record with the most catches in a career with 83.
Brendan Nosovitch went over 9,000 total yards combined passing and rushing.  He now has 11,757
Answer to week #4 Trivia? who holds the District 11 record for combined yardage (pass,rush)
DJ Lenehan of Wilson with 9,450 yards: 7,765 passing yards and 1,685 rushing yards. 
AJ Long of Pius X set a District 11 record last year with 202 completions.  Nosovitch 187 in 2011.   
Answer to week #3 Trivia? who held the District 11 record for completions in a season
DJ Lenehan of Wilson had 183 completions in 2006 his senior year.
Bonus Trivia answer: Who was the only other freshman to have over 100 completions? (A) Alex Atiyeh, (B) Dan Kendra jr, (C) Adam Knoblauch, (D) Ric Schumacher, (E) Brent "Chuck" Andrew, (F) Ryan Fry...Schumacher had 110 completions in 248 attempts for 1,286 yards and 12 td's as a freshman in 1988.
Brendan Nosovitch moved into the top 10 in the Region for career passing yards.
Answer to week #2 Trivia? name the other 9 in the top 10
1.   8,172 - Brendan Nosovitch - Central Catholic (2008-11)...now #1 all-time
2.   8,035 - Tyler Smith - Wilson (2006-09)
3.   7,765 - DJ Lenehan - Wilson (2003-06)
4.   6,991 - Cole Hildabrant - Pius X (2003-06)
5.   6,490 - Ric Schumacher - Notre Dame (1988-91)
6.   6,128 - Anthony Casciano - Pius X (2006-09)
7.   6,120 - Ryan Fry - Nazareth (1995-98)
8.   6,087 - Dan Kendra jr - Bethlehem Catholic (1991-94)
9.   5,874 - Dan Persa - Liberty (2003-06)
10. 5,824 - AJ Long - Pius (2010-13)...now in tenth
11. 5,740 - Mark Borda - Bethlehem Catholic (1999-01)
What current coach dropped out of the top 10?
Answer to Bonus Trivia: Pius X head coach Phil Stambaugh had 5,595 yards from 1992-95.
NOTE: Brent "Chuck" Andrew of Marian Catholic had 5,614 yards passing from 1994-97.
Wide receivers Kevin Guylas of Central Catholic and Matt Camilletti of Pius X both have 125 career receptions entering this year.
Answer to week 1 trivia? (name the 5 receivers (D-11) with 125 career receptions) now 7
1. 224 catches - Kevin Gulyas - Central Catholic (2008-11)...now #1 in the State
2. 171 catches - Matt Camilletti - Pius X (2008-11)...now second 
3. 144 catches - Jeff McGeehin - Central Catholic (1971-73)
4. 138 catches - Bob Frederick - Allen (1971-73)
5. 137 catches - Fenton Black - Panther Valley (1990-92)
5. 137 catches - Tyler Artim - Whitehall (2008-10)
7. 129 catches - Adam Thomas - Wilson (2004-06) 
Duke Helm
District 11 Statistician