Tournament Results 2018-2019   Tom Elling's PA Wrestling

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Top Hat (Tom Best Memorial) 12/7-8   listen King of the Mountain 12/14-15   
Trojan Wars (Chambersburg)  12/28-29   Ironman (Ohio)  12/7-8  
Beast of the East 12/22-23 Cumberland Valley Kick-Off  
Sam Lovello Memorial Boiling Springs  
Power-Ade  Wrestlers Schedule  Teams  Powerade Seeds Jimmy John's Loveland, Co (Cedar cliff entries)  
Carlisle Tourn Panther Holiday Classic  
Pope John Paul II Kurt Meister  
Darren Klingerman Superior Photo  
MyHouse X-Calibur Bethlehem Holiday Classic  

Steve DeAugustino Classic- West Mifflin HS

Tony Iasiello Memorial  (Day 1)  Team Scores Jarvis Memorial Mount Mt Madness  
PSAC (college)    

Thanks to Spike Temple, Ed Gotwals, David A. Willauer, Dean Beers, Rich Vetock, Skinz Vee, Frank Vulcano,  Dit Dehaut, Shawn Bradley, Grady Forbes,


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