Class AA State Team Champions - REYNOLDS


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  • jr wrestler on 2006-Mar-12 06:58:36 jr wrestler said

    matt dunn is amazing
  • Karpetyuk on 2008-Jan-23 02:49:29 Karpetyuk said

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  • Jermynello on 2008-Apr-06 17:45:52 Jermynello said

    Best SE: <a href="">Google</a>.
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    Best SE:
  • Pravin on 2012-Mar-09 21:29:11 Pravin said

    Thanks for stopping by and the kind words Merrill. It took me a while but I did find the Official rcderos for the Salem Lutheran Cemetery. To say the best, it was a mess. I did finally sort it all out and entered all the names that were in the rcderos into my data base which I am sure you have seen on this site. I just checked and there is no Daniel Price. That doesn't mean that he isn't buried there, but there are no rcderos of it. I can't give you the name of the person with the rcderos because I'm sure you won't get a response from him. He isn't a computer person and not even the person that is supposed to have the rcderos. It is a mess to say the least.If I remember correctly, and I'm not sure I do, in the oldest part of the cemetery they aren't even sure where the graves are so they don't bury anyone there. I'm not sure about that though. Originally there was a church at the front of the area and but it is long gone.Yes, a number of the stones are just piled up. They were just thrown every which way between two trees. My wife and I took them all out of the pile, cleaned them, took photos and then piled them back neatly rather than in a heap.I'm sorry I can't be of more help.Thanks again for stopping by.Bob Jones

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